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Idaho Ranks 21st in the Country for Solar Production

Idaho currently ranks 21st in the country for solar energy production, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Although Idaho fell several spots from 2017 (Idaho was listed 16th in the country last year), Idaho solar companies have so far installed approximately 414 MW of solar, and 57,475 homes are currently powered by solar, according to SEIA.

SEIA also reports that:
Roughly 3.5% of Idaho’s electricity comes from solar.
Solar production, manufacturing, and installation has created 654 jobs in Idaho.
The state has invested $490.78 million in solar, as of 2018.
Idaho is also home to a couple large solar farms. The Grandview PV Solar Two farm generates enough electricity to power 18,000 homes. And the American Falls Solar I and II farms produce enough energy to power 7,000 homes.

Solar photovoltaic, or solar PV, is a conversion process where photovoltaic cells capture light photons from sunlight and convert it into electricity. That electricity travels down …

Financing Options for Residential Solar Projects

Idaho’s solar industry has been on an upward trend over the last several years, producing over 200 MW of new solar energy in 2016 alone. Solar power can generate a range of environmental and economic benefits for utility companies, homeowners, local governments, and communities as a whole, making it an increasingly viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Residential homeowners interested in installing solar power have different financial incentives at their disposal to help offset the costs of purchasing and installing a solar project. Those incentives can be enjoyed across the state, from installations in downtown Boise to Twin Falls solar projects.

Residential Tax Credits and Rebates Idaho Residential Alternative Energy Tax Deduction: The state of Idaho allows you to deduct up to 40% of the cost of a solar installation from your annual income taxes. You can make the 40% deduction in the first year of installation, and then deduct an additional 20% each year for…