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3 Great Reasons for Idaho Homeowners to Go Solar

Idaho solar power has been a topic of much discussion as of late. Here are three reasons why homeowners in Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls and elsewhere should consider installing solar energy solutions.

1. Limitless, Renewable Energy

The biggest reason to become a solar Boise panel customer is the reliably high level of energy that solar power and other renewable sources can provide. Back in 2012, the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy funded a study known as RE Futures, which featured over 100 contributors from a wide range of organizations, including:

•  National Laboratories
•  Non-Governmental Organizations
•  Universities

The findings of the RE Futures study were extremely promising. It found that then-available renewable energy sources paired with “a more flexible electric system” could provide over 80% of electricity needed in the US in 2050. Not only that, they could meet the hourly demand for electricity in every part of the country.

2. Energy Co…

Solar Solutions Save Money, Energy and the Environment

Over the last few decades, wind turbines and solar panels have become increasingly common for organizations and homeowners alike. The benefits of renewable energy are overwhelmingly positive, providing solutions to the increasingly worrisome issue of increased greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. In the United States alone, almost 29% of emissions come from electricity. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas are the most common materials that energize power grids and other energy-consuming appliances. Clean and reusable energy is the obvious solution to harmful and enormous power waste. The reduction of pollution from power plants that use coal and natural gas plants would significantly decrease linked public health issues such as breathing problems, cancer, and even premature death. Easy to access and high-quality energy efficient Idaho solar products are easier to find and install than energy efficient products of the past, positively impacting consumers from home to corporate org…

Outsourcing Energy Management and Maximizing Renewable Energy

Energy management is the process of monitoring and conserving energy within a building or organization. Different entities actively take steps to meter energy consumption, find opportunities to save energy, and continue to find better ways to efficiently and inexpensively use power. An energy management Boise company, EvenGreen Technology, is one the best companies to recognize issues with energy monitoring and solar power and create solutions to achieve true energy efficiency better. Products like solar panels and energy optimization systems source and resource power through different channels. Clean energy has many positive benefits, yet many companies do not use experts for data or strategy, causing them to have a major barrier towards energy efficiency.

Organizations that use energy management are more likely to value reusable energy, benefit from inexpensive energy efficiency options, and keep energy prices low. Energy efficiency programs are more conveniently accessible than most…